Perspective Healing – Inner Yoga

When the body is in need of medical treatment, it is not uncommon for the mind to be affected, the emotions to become low key or very intense, and one’s attitude and outlook to dim.  The inner asanas of Perspective Healing offer tools of transformation that restore inner balance and health.  This form of healing affects the thinking, emotions and attitudes, bring an experience of well-being to the mind, emotions and inner life.  With inner health and harmony, the healing process of the body is encouraged, supported and sustained over time.

Inner Yoga

Just as yoga stretches the body, offering resilience, flexibility, health and stamina, the simple inner asanas of Perspective Healing do the same for the mind, emotions, and attitudes.  There is a rebirth of spirit and energy within.  The mind finds positive tracks.  The emotions find a place of ease.  The inner dialog becomes one of positive regard. An inner environment of vitality and healing is produced.

The inner asanas of Perspective Healing are offered for the specific needs of the patient, as an adjunct to carefully chosen medical care and is particularly beneficial to patients dealing with a chronic illness or cancer.

Inner Yoga is also offered in a group environment once a month.  Here, inner asanas are offered for general support, and for the support of healthy choices of diet and lifestyle.

Perspective Healing Support for Chronic Illness

Perspective Healing Support for Cancer Patients