Nutrition and Chronic Disease Prevention

VeggiesAt Red Cedar Wellness we believe food is medicine. Whole foods, that is. Processed “foods”, high fructose corn syrup, MSG, artificial sweeteners, additives and dyes aren’t really food. Overconsumption of these as well as excess sugar and flours are core contributors to chronic disease.

Many patients come to us after years of treatment. They have been instructed to take large quantities of pharmaceuticals with little to no change in their symptoms. Many of these symptoms are improved with diet and lifestyle changes alone. At Red Cedar Wellness, we have the knowledge and experience to bring you the latest in methods and research to reverse symptoms of disease with targeted nutritional therapy.

We are expertly trained in nutrition for enhancing general wellness and we understand the special dietary needs of chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, adrenal fatigue, IBS, and hypothyroidism just to name a few. We are clever detectives at uncovering food allergies and intolerances. Whether you need to discuss general nutrition or you need a more intensive consultation, our team can help you make sense of your diet.