Manual Therapy includes techniques such as massage, deep tissue massage, assisted stretching, and craniosacral therapy. All help bring the body into alignment and reduce pain. Massage employs long strokes of big muscles over the entire body; deep tissue reaches deeper, smaller muscles as well. Assisted stretching, like Muscle Energy Stretching, allows muscles to relax more fully than stretching that can be done on your own. And craniosacral therapy brings balance to body, mind, and spirit through gentle hands-on touch. All modalities can shift you from being in a tense, stressed-out state into a more restful, focused, and calm place physically and mentally.

60 or 90 minute massage with Linda – Customizable to fit your needs. Relaxation, injury treatment, chronic pain, and stress relief.

60 minute Thai-yoga massage with Linda – This style of bodywork is done on a padded mat, on the floor, with the client fully clothed. Assisted stretching, rhythmic compressions and rocking movements are used to help restore range of motion and flexibility. Please wear comfortable clothes and dress in layers.

60 minute craniosacral session with Linda – This can be particularly useful for stress relief, headache pain, sinus issues and chronic tension. Very gentle manual movements are applied to spinal and cranial bones to help restore balance in the central nervous system. Please wear comfortable clothes and dress in layers.