Dr. James and Dr. Martin are board certified naturopathic oncologists and strive to create healing opportunities for patients at all stages of the cancer journey. Our recommendations regarding natural measures for use with surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatment are grounded in the most up-to-date research and standards of care. We advise patients on the safe use of herbs and nutritional supplements that have been shown to support the immune system, minimize side effects of conventional treatment, and synergize with those treatments to make them more effective. Once treatment is completed, our doctors can help you determine the best dietary and lifestyle changes to make to strengthen your immune system and decrease risk factors for cancer recurrence.

Supportive Integrated Medicine during active treatment:

  • Personalized plans of care
  • Recommendations to enhance each phase of cancer treatment and decrease side effects, using natural compounds, nutrition and lifestyle interventions
  • Acupuncture to decrease nausea, fatigue, anxiety and other symptoms

Restorative Integrated Medicine post active treatment:

  • Counseling on reducing risks for cancer recurrence
  • Reestablishing health through lifestyle, nutrition, and natural medicines
  • Management and support of chronic illness with natural medicines
  • Proactive survivorship program

Perspective Healing Support for Cancer Patients