Naturopathic Philosophy

Naturopathic Philosophy

Naturopathic medicine is based on several principles, outlined below.

The Healing Power of Nature

Each individual has an inherent healing mechanism within the body that responds to treatment with natural means.

First Do No Harm

Naturopathic medicine embraces non-invasive treatments to minimize the risk of harmful side-effects, yet recognizes the need for higher-level intervention when necessary.

Find the Cause

It is the goal of the ND to elucidate the root cause of illness.

Treat the Whole Person

Wellness and illness are the result of a complex interaction of physical, emotional, and environmental causes. NDs focus on each aspect of these individual complexities to find the cause of illness and develop appropriate treatment.


By providing wellness counseling in the form of dietary recommendations, exercise prescription, and lifestyle management, NDs seek to bolster the body’s systems to prevent disease.

Physician as Teacher

Naturopathic physicians educate, empower, and motivate individuals to learn and take responsibility for their own health.